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What is PlayWood?

PlayWood is an innovative assembly system. As a construction toy, you can easily create your own furniture.

  • No need to drill, no damage to the material
  • An Allen key it’s the only tool you need.
  • Many doable combinations: an assembly system to let you modify your projects.
  • DIY becomes a play: many projects to be realized having fun.
  • Easily disassemble structures for storage or moving
  • ecycle old projects into new ones.
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What type of materials does PlayWood work with?

The PlayWood connectors include stainless steel M6 screws 1” long. These screws fit perfectly for 3/4” thick panels. The 3/4” thickness panels accommodate almost all commonly available plywood, but you can also try MDF, honeycomb cardboard, alveolar polycarbonate, and PVC-light.

What are the PlayWood connectors made of?

The connectors are made with Hi-tech reinforced, flame-retardant, heat resistant plastic.
A special plastic reinforced with glass fibres to support a considerable load capacity, up to 120kg depending on the geometry of the structure.
Made in Italy.

What can the PlayWood connectors be used for?

Get inspired in the Project & Inspiration section.
You can easily create bookshelves, storage units, desks, standing desks, monitor stands, coffee tables, benches, and much more. Unleash your imagination!

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How do I make things with the PlayWood connectors?

Discover how easy it is to design with PlayWood!
In the Manual & Resources section you will find instructions, data sheets, catalogues and CAD/3D files for the design phase.

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Discover the professional applications of the PlayWood assembly system.

Quick assembly, flat-pack transport, minimal structure storage costs, exhibition stand design assistance. PlayWood makes your stand design affordable, without sacrificing style. Find out how to furnish your exhibition space, pop-up shop, event or trade fair stand.

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